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  1. Usually, doctors provide drugs and medicines to people suffering from diabetes.
    When you have type 1 diabetes, doctors would give you insulin injections.
    These cures focus on making sure the pancreas gives insulin.
    Although, these solutions are beneficial
    for some time, in the long term view, these themselves turn into problem as people are told to have to keep
    consuming these cures and injection or else diabetes
    would kill them. There has to be a different way to cure diabetes.
    Go back to the fact that prime cause of the diabetes issue is the shortage of insulin
    formation by the body. Thus in place of forcing the pancreas to produce more insulin, we should first consider
    why in the first place did the insulin production went down.
    After that we should attempt to eliminate that cause that had been preventing insulin production and hence restoring the insulin making to normal.
    This way we could treat diabetes quicker and also there would be no
    long term solutions and injections to think about.
    Such type of solution for diabetes is normally known as natural diabetes treatment as this works to restore the natural functioning of the insulin production inside the body.
    Scientist Thomas Edison was a patient of diabetes and in those
    times when such injection and drugs were not produced, he used this method to cure diabetes.
    You shall also have a look, I am putting
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  2. Me ha encantado el post! Yo mañana posteo en mi blog la boda de mi tío, de mañana y a ña que llevé justamente un mono. Creo que cumplí perfectamente el protocolo que has marcado ;)



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